World Of Purpose

In this land of goals,

I am empty

What an irony
With feelings and words
I am empty

In dreams sometimes i travel to far away places
That dont exist
To meet a person whom I dont meet regularly

Those happy face sometimes speak
And spill out words which i am longing for

Words of silence and hopeless hope
And my struggle to become the person which you think I am

Burden of memories and how seperated we are
Music without langague and tears without you being near

I am unbearable to myself
How can I tell
How far will my heart let me destroy
Test of my life and love of your lifetime…

When I am happy = When You are Here

When time is bleeding and we are clueless about each other,

When we realise what we were searching for is each other,

When all I can see is only you in past from the window of my eyes,

When our future’s existence is taking birth in another universe,

When you smile and I know my SI unit of love is only you,

When eyes slightly get moistured with overwhelming memories,

When love is the only thing you long for and give you happiness,

When our every meeting’s grammar is in sync with the syntax of our eternal love,

When all the words and vocabulary is not enough to express our love,

When we are silent and just a cup of tea together is enough,

When distance does’t matter to love,

When you are here and I am in you…

Uski baatein
Meri yaade
Meri kahaani
Mere dosto

Ek nadiya
Do kinare
Wo waha
Mein yaha
Meri kahaani
Mere dosto

Dhalti shaam
Raat benaam
Aankhe gumnam
Saanse sunsan
Meri kaahani
Mere dosto

Kuch khali
Kuch bhare
Kuch adh-bhare
Mere jazbaat
Uske baad
Meri kahaani
Mere dosto